Innovative Features

The most feature complete college application tool

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Data Driven Results

Usage data is constantly analyzed to discover ways to increase the overall effectiveness of the app.

Extremely Optimized

Every aspect of the application is evaluated to produce the highest conversion rates.

Custom Built for your needs

OPUS will regularly collaborate with your institution to ensure your goals are being met while advising on best practices.

No Account Required

Users start filling out the application immediately without needing to create an account.

Restore Previous Applications

Users’ applications are restored even if they prematurely leave the application before completion.

Fully Responsive

The application automatically adapts to different screen sizes and leverages devices touch features if present.

Documents Upload

Users can upload and submit multiple documents such as transcripts and entrance essay.

PDF Generation

If needed, users can print, sign, and submit their applications in PDF format.

Application Fee Support

Users can pay their application fee through Authorize.NET and TouchNET (Certified Partner).

Cross Browser Support

OPUS app supports older browsers such as IE7-IE10, as well as all modern ones (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, and others).

High Performance

Small Footprint - Minified, GZIP, Combined HTTP requests · Leverages CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network) to reduce load times.

In-Depth Analytics

Includes unique event tracking such as clicks, steps opened, fields completed, campaign tracking, full Google Analytics, and Tag Manager Support.

Auto-Fill User Data

Securely auto-fills the app with applicant information through API access.

Keyboard Only Support

Applicants can complete the entire process without the use of a mouse for faster completion and ADA requirements.

Geo Location Detection

Utilizes visitor's IP to determine their location and adapts the field validation for U.S. and International visitors.

USPS Address Validation

Instantly validates the mailing address with the United States Postal Services API.

Data Security

Highest levels of encryption for SSL, data storage, web services, as well as strong firewall intrusion detection and prevention.

No Reloading

The application loads quickly in a single page, allowing users to complete the application without any delay.

Live & Scheduled Data Sync

Users will always get the most up-to-date information (programs, dates, terms, restrictions, etc) from your system through API Sync support.

Incomplete Application Submission

Enrollment specialists can quickly follow-up with incomplete applications.

Cloud Hosting

Leverages AWS with dedicated high performance servers and 99.99% up time.

Instant & Intuitive Field validation

The OPUS App will immediately notify users of an error or incorrect information.

U.S. Zip Code Autofill

U.S. users can automatically prefill their city and state based on their Zip Code.

Multi-Language Support

Institutions can provide translations for multiple languages.

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